Lively Lansdowne Singing Assembly


Our regular Friday morning singing and signing assemblies at Lansdowne School have continued after the Easter break. This is a chance for the whole school to come together and to share our love and knowledge of singing.


The Lansdowne Schoo Choir help to lead the way. The choir meets once a week with Miss H to learn some new songs as well as the signs. We then use this knowledge to help our other friends around the school to enjoy the music.


The classic Love Train song is currently a favourite of the choir members. This was a popular choice when we asked for any preferences as to what we could lead our Friday morning assembly with.

Let It Go is another Lansdowne favourite. Staff member Mikita was at hand to help out with the signing. This is a song that obviously has plenty of emotions. The enthusiasm came across from the Lansdowne Choir.


Miss O’Leary than presented the certificates for the Star Achievers of the Week. All teaching staff across the curriculum consider carefully at the end of each week about which pupil has achieved the most.


The final task was to hand out the Star Class of the Week trophy. In third place was Class 9DL with a decent 70% for full ticks and attendance. Class 8NM did extremely well to achieve 85%. The winners though with a fantastic 90% score rate was Class 9JH.

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