Year 7 Net Sports Success

Various net sports will form the main PE learning for Year 7 for the first four weeks of the summer term. Our first session on this theme was very successful. The pupils followed the advice and instructions given by Mr. Lee. Three different types of net sports were introduced: volleyball, short tennis and table tennis.

Mr. Lee introduced volleyball by looking at some of the basic skills that we need. This can be a very technical sport. Once the students have grasped the basic shots then the other aspects of the game can then be improved.


Our first area of learning was how to deliver a serve in volleyball. We started by simply pushing the volleyball over the net to our partner. This helped the pupils to get a feel for the weight of the ball, and the strength that we need when serving.

A simple serving technique was then demonstrated. Mr. Lee showed how we can hold the ball in one hand, and then rotate the other arm so that it comes underneath the ball to launch the ball over the net.


Short tennis was another popular net sport activity for Year 7. Serving was once again the main focus for this session. The students will later be learning how to control a backhand and a forehand shot.

Finally the Year 7 table tennis activity had the aim of helping the pupils to play a simple rally. We worked with partners to play a game of doubles during this activity.

The Year 7 PE session ended with an evaluation of what we had learnt across all three net sports. Mr. Lee asked each class member what now need to work on in future PE lessons to help develop their net sports skills.


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  • April 27, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Thank you for this video and to have the opportunity to see Year 7 sports session. A nice way to share with parents. Thank you ( Theo mum )

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