Year 8 Horniman Museum Artwork


Year 8 enjoyed their visit to the Horniman Museum just before the Easter break. This was organised as part of our art learning at Lansdowne School. The Horniman contains many, many wonderful items on display. Our main interest in Year 8 was the large totem pole that is proudly on display outside of the museum. The students drew some sketches of the totem pole and looked at some of the detail contained in the carving.


These drawings were then used back in the art studio at Lansdowne School. We set the task of designing a totem pole, constructing it, and then decorating it. Each Year 8 class member was asked to choose a different animal in which to represent themselves. We asked the students to think about their own personalities, and how these might match those of an animal. These were then included in our final designs.


The totem poles were made using large cardboard tubes. Plastic household items that had been re-cycled were used to add some detail into the design. A paper mache base held all of these together. The next step is for the year 8 pupils to paint their totem poles in some striking colours.




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