Year 11 GCSE Art Preparations


Year 11 are coming close to sitting their GCSE and GCSE Entry Level art exams. A number of different themes have appeared on the examination papers for this year. These include water, rituals and food. The choice is open for each student as to what theme they would like to focus on.

A key criteria in the examination is the use of existing resources from other established artists. Each theme references an artist that works around similar ideas. The students are asked to research this artist to see how they approach their work. The examination then requires this knowledge to be interpreted by each student so that they can demonstrate how they have been inspired by some original artwork.

Plenty of coursework has been prepared by the pupils. This will count for some of the overall final mark. The final exams allows twelve and a half hours of work. This will be broken down into three separate exam sessions for the Lansdowne students.

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