Year 9 Weather Forecasts


Year 9 have been exploring different ideas based around the weather as part of our humanities learning at Lansdowne School. We started off this work by looking at the various weather symbols. We asked each student to identify what the symbols meant, and to describe what type of weather we can expect if we see this symbol.

The pupils then watched a number of short TV weather forecasts. We saw these symbols being used in action, as well as the temperature figures. We held a class discussion about how the weather might feel with a temperature of 0 degrees, or a temperature of 25 degrees.

This led the Year 9 to writing out their own weather forecasts. We wanted as much detail to be included as to how the weather might change over a short time period, and to give advice to people watching as to how they might want to dress for the weather.

These forecasts demonstrated great detail, as you can see in the videos below.

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