Year 7 Research the Moses Story


Year 7 are learning about the story of Moses as our current class topic in humanities. We started off this work by watching a short film. The pupils were asked to remember the key events in the story as this would help us with our table work that was to follow.


Miss Cook then asked the pupils to recap on some of the key events in the story. Year 7 were able to describe how baby Moses floated down the Nile in a basket. He later received a powerful message from God. This led him to help free the people of Israel.


The events were then sequenced in a series of table activities. Some pupils carefully cut out some pictures showing the main events in the Moses story. These were then stuck into our humanity books, with an explanatory sentence added below.


Other pupils worked with Communication in Print to help re-tell the story. Adult help was available with the pupils being encouraged to talk through the story and arrange the CiP cards in the correct order.

Another activity involved the Year 7 pupils completing a work sheet that re-told the story. Key words were missing from the text. The task was to fill in the empty spaces. You can listen to one pupils sharing his work in the recording below.

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