Year 9 Explore Chagall’s Art


All Year 9 pupils are preparing for a visit themed around our current art topic based around the work of Marc Chagall. We will be having a school trip to Tudeley cum Capel in Kent where the local church has a series of stunning stained glass windows that were designed by the Russian artist.


A number of work activities will be completed by the Year 9 pupils as part of the visit. We will be looking for messages within the designs of the windows, and seeing how art can be used to help to tell a story.


Our Chagall inspired artwork is continuing in the Lansdowne art studio. The students are working towards completing a tempera batik piece of art that uses some of the ideas and techniques that we have observed from Chagall.


An abstract title of Dream of Change was set by Miss Jordan. The idea was to encourage the pupils to think of their own dreams, and then use some of these ideas help create a piece of artwork that could also inspire.

Small sketches were the first task to complete. Miss Jordan asked the pupils to think about the use of the space. We wanted to see people or objects being placed around other scenes, and not standing alone. These sketches were then scaled up so that the blank ink technique of tempera batik could be used.


The end result will hopefully be a dramatic print that captures the ideas of imagination and experimentation that we can see in Chagall’s work.


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