Class 9DL London Museums Assembly


Class 9DL recently presented a well-researched assembly all about the many museums that we can visit in London. The aim of the assembly was to explain to our friends about our favourite museums in London, and to also encourage them to visit some of them. All of the assemblies featured have free entry.


Our assembly looked at the Science Museum, the London Transport Museum, the Horniman Museum, The V & A Museum of Childhood, the British Museum, the Geffrey Museum, the Imperial War Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Dulwich Picture Gallery and the Old Operation Theatre Museum.


The pupils have been preparing for the assembly for a number of weeks. Class time has been spent talking about our favourite museums. Each pupil has researched their particular favourite using the internet. A short presentation was then prepared. All Class 9DL pupils were able to speak confidently during the assembly.


An informative short video was also shown. This is a great way to encourage all class members to have some speaking time during the assembly. It can often be quite intimidating speaking in front of the whole school. We find that a short video helps to overcome this, as well as increase individual confidence.


Miss O’Leary then congratulated the Class 9DL students for such an interesting assembly. All students were encouraged once again to make the most of the free Museums that are around us.





The Lansdowne School Choir then added a lively start to a Friday morning of learning with a couple of songs. Love Train contains some tricky signing skills. Staff member Mikita was joined at the front by a couple of Choir members to help out with the singing.

The Star Class of the Week trophy showed some impressive results. Class 10CJ were third with 67% of their ticks being achieved. Class 8NM finished a very strong second with 92%. Joint winners however were Class 9EJ and Class 11RM – both scored a brilliant 100% of their ticks for attendance and behaviour throughout the past week.

The assembly came to a close by singing happy birthday to Catarina and staff members Maria and Miss H.


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