Year 10 Science Experiment Video

Year 10 have been busy devising a science experiment that looks at how density can affect plant growth. We started off this work by considering the two conditions that all plant life needs to grow: light and water.

Miss McNie then asked the students to define what we mean by the term ‘density.’ One suggestion was that it could refer to the amount of space in-between the seeds that we were going to plant.

The next stage was for the Year 10 students to devise their own experiment. The apparatus required was handed over, but no instructions as to how to set up the experiment. This is an important part of the learning for the Year 10 students as they start to prepare for their GCSE Science exams next year. Being able to construct your own experiment is a key part of the assessment.

Three separate science groups all came up with a similar idea. We could place a varying amount of seeds in five different pots. To make this a fair experiment we would use the same amount of cotton wool to help grow the seeds, as well as the same amount of water. All five pots would be placed in the exact same location. The only independent variable would be to observe the differences in plant growth.

A prediction was then made. The pupils thought that the pot with the least amount of seeds would be able to grow the tallest cress. This is because there are fewer seeds competing for the light and water resources.

The cress pots will be left over the weekend to grow. Year 10 will then be able to check the results, and then see if their prediction can form a scientific conclusion.


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