Year 11 GCSE Progress


The Year 11 students at Lansdowne School are now coming towards the end of their busy GCSE exam period. Most of the Entry Level exams are now complete, with only a handful of full GCSE papers left to sit.

Mr. Hilton is incredibly happy with the performance from his students who have now completed their GCSE Entry Level in maths. Although it is still too early to make any judgement, all the signs are that the pupils performed to the best of their ability.

In total four maths GCSE Entry Level papers were sat. This complements the four stages of maths coursework that also had to be submitted. The exam papers have been marked internally by Mr. Hilton. The next stage if for the external moderation team to look at the papers.

Teaching has still continued as we sadly count down to the Year 11 Leaver’s Assembly on 19th June. With most of the exams now complete, this is less stressful, but is still challenging the pupils with their learning.

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