Year 8 Kew Gardens Art Trip


The Year 8 pupils at Lansdowne School recently enjoyed a wonderful day out at Kew Gardens in West London. We were joined on the trip with our friends from Year 7.

The pupils had the opportunity at Kew to look around at many of the world famous gardens and exhibits. The Palm House was a particular favourite, although it was rather stuffy as we visited on a hot summer day. A picnic was also enjoyed in the glorious setting of Kew Gardens.


This trip was part of our art learning at Lansdowne School. Year 8 have been looking at how they can improve their still life drawings skills. One of the best subject matters for still life is of course plants and flowers, something that Kew Gardens certainly isn’t short on.

Many rough sketches were made during the trip. These will be used at a later stage in the summer term to form a piece of artwork that combines the other recent Year 8 artwork involving totem poles. The aim is to create a still life plant setting, and then use photography to impose an image of our physical totem poles into the picture.


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