Year 9 Circulatory Science Learning


Recent science work in Year 9 at Lansdowne School has been looking at the biology of respiration and digestion. The pupils have now started to learn all about the circulatory system that it key to keeping us all alive.

This learning has been very much question led. Miss McNie encourages the students to ask questions as new information is passed on.

Some of the questions raised by Year 9 included: how does oxygen get into the body? How is the blood pumped around? What role does blood play in the circulatory system?

The inner workings of the heart were then explored in great detail by the students. New vocabulary was introduced such as oxygenated and deoxygenated.

This work is good preparation ahead of the GCSE science exams that will be taken in under two years now. The teaching staff explain to the class members the level of answers that are required to achieve the highest possible mark.

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