Year 9 Elements of Music


Year 9 have been learning about the different musical elements that we can hear in most pieces of music. This can be a complex topic to understand. Miss H has been helping the students to break down and isolate some of the elements that we can identify.

The pupils have been looking at pitch, texture, tempo and dynamics. Our main learning intention has been to understand how a piece of music can create a particular feeling or mood, simply by changing some of these elements around.


Our learning started off by coming up with a working definition for each of the terms. The pupils then paired up with a friend to complete a sorting exercise. Cards with the title of the main elements were displayed. A second set of cards was then introduced. These contained different musical ideas. The task was to sort these under the correct headings.


Once this task was complete, each pair then shared their reasoning. The lesson came to a close by asking the students to name some of their favourite pieces of music. We listened to these on the class computer, and then identified as many different elements that we could hear.






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