Year 11 PowerPoint Presentations


Year 11 have started the new term at Lansdowne School by working on an ICT presentation all about their own personal interests. The aim of this project is help the students to think about their own personalities, as well as to learn new skills using PowerPoint to help present this information.

The students approached this work by first brainstorming the many different defining parts of their personality. Help was given for each class member to list their favourite sports, food, family, friends and own unique personality traits. This proved to be a useful exercise in helping the students to understand how we are all different.

Once the content had been gathered, the next task was to pull all of this together into a PowerPoint presentation. We asked each class member to produce something different, using the software to help build an in-depth presentation about their own lives.

We also asked Year 11 to conclude their presentations with some thought about their future ambitions. It was interesting to see the connections being made between personal interests and possible future careers.

Personal photos were used, as well as online research to source information and other images. Some of the students were also able to look at some of the different transition effects and techniques that can be used in PowerPoint to help put together a professional piece of work.



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