Lansdowne School Council Update

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The Lansdowne School Council may have only met on two occasions during the new school year, but already some pretty major changes and suggestions have been put in place. These include an idea to start a school newspaper, and a request to stage an end of term school production ahead of the Christmas break. Both of these schemes are now being explored by the school management team.

The School Council contains two representatives from each class. These are democratically elected by all of the pupils within each class. Each week the Council members meet with Mrs Adams. Preparation takes place beforehand with the Cllr’s asking their class friends about any points that need to be raised.

An important point of business for a recent School Council meeting was the declaration of the result for the Head Girl and Head Boy. Voting had taken place earlier during the day. The School Council was told that Lucy and Pedro had been successful, and elected to fill these roles.

The agenda then looked at other ideas that had been raised during the week. These included the possibility of playing the dancing Wi game during wet breaks, plus also allowing more access to the iPads and school computers during lunchtimes.

Replacing the water fountains was another suggestion that was put forward. Mrs Adams particularly liked the idea of introducing a red praise postcard with a value of 20p. Currently high quality work or behaviour is rewarded with a blue praise postcard worth 10p in the school tuck shop. A 20p red card would be used for exceptional, outstanding work.

All of the ideas will now be considered by the Lansdowne School management team.

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