Lucy and Pedro New Head Girl and Boy


We are very pleased to announce that Pedro and Lucy have been voted in as the Lansdowne School Head Boy and Head Girl. This is a new initiative at the school. The aim is for two highly respected Year 11 students to be given the responsibility to set an example to all other pupils at Lansdowne.

The election of Pedro and Lucy was a democratic process. All Year 11 students were asked to put themselves forward as possible candidates. Class tutorial time was spent in preparing an individual speech. These were then read out at a special school assembly in front of the electorate.

Mrs Adams introduced the assembly, explaining why this was such a special time for the school. We heard how both staff and students are looking forward to seeing how the successful candidates will be able to demonstrate what it means to be an outstanding member of the Lansdowne community.

All of the speeches had been very well thought out. The assembly heard how each candidate believed how they had the suitable skills to be able to fulfil this special role. Some students spoke about how they would like to help other pupils and to solve their problems. The role was also seen by some as opportunity to improve their own self confidence.

Some of the speeches looked at specific issues such as improving the playground experience, homework arrangements and even work experience opportunities. One candidate explained how his background in helping his family with his younger brothers and sisters would also be useful.

Once all of the speeches had been delivered, Mrs Adams then commented that some big decisions had to be made. All of the candidates were suitable for meeting the requirements of Head Boy and Head Girl.

The voting then took place throughout the duration of the day. This was a very professional operation with a ballot box set up in the school library. A Polling Officer and a Polling Manager ensured that a secret ballot took place.

Once the voting had been counted, we were pleased to announce the results. We wish Pedro and Lucy the very best of luck in their roles as Head Boy and Head Girl at Lansdowne School for the rest of the school. We are confident that they will carry out their roles with great leadership.

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