Year 11 GCSE Humanities Work


The Year 11 students at Lansdowne School have already started work on preparing for their GCSE Humanities examination. This is a very challenging syllabus that looks at issues such as the outbreak of World War 2.

The students have recently been introduced to various historical sources to help with this learning. We have been discussing in class what is the difference between a primary and a secondary historical resource.

The pupils have also been learning how we can use this information to try and form our own reasoned conclusions about a historical event. An example of this is photographs relating to World War 2 that the students have been looking at. One of the learning intentions was to look for clues in each picture.


Different groups in Year 11 have been studying different parts of the GCSE syllabus, depending on their learning aims. One group has been looking at The Blitz and the evacuation of children from London during the war. The students have been asked to evaluate what the experience might have been like through looking at these sources.

Another group of students have been looking at the different world leaders at the outbreak of war. The idea of the Allies and the Axis was introduced. The pupils were asked to sort the countries and leaders into one of the two groups. A map of Europe was then coloured in to show this divide.

This has been a useful start to the Year 11 GCSE exam preparations. One of the key skills has been to be able to read the exam question clearly, and then understand specifically what challenge is being set.


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