Year 11 Self-Portrait Photo Gallery


The Year 11 students at Lansdowne School have started work on the portfolio that will form part of their GCSE art assessment. Repeating the success of the previous Year 11 pupils will be a tough act to follow. We are thrilled to announce that five of the pupils from last year achieved a GCSE Grade C in art.

The new students have started their coursework by developing a series of unique self portraits. The starting point for this work was to take a photograph in a dark space within the school. A torch was used to light up a small part of the face. This gave an overall effect of a self-portrait that had some contrasting dark and light areas of tone.

The task was then set to reproduce this image using paint. The students were asked to observe closely the changing dark and light tones, and then to transfer these to their artwork. It required the pupils to create a piece of artwork that ignored their previous conception of what a self-portrait might look like.

Some stunning images have been created, as you can see from the photo gallery below.








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