Year 7 Science Cell Video

Year 7 have been learning all about cells as part of our science learning at Lansdowne School. This work has followed on from the fantastic progress that has already been made in being able to identify different body parts. It was explained by Miss McNie that the body parts are made out of many different cells.


Both animal and plant cells have been looked at carefully by the Year 7 children. The school microscopes have been used to that we can see the small cells up close.


New vocabulary such as nucleus were introduced. The pupils have learnt that this is the dark spot at the centre of a cell. It is similar to the brain in that this is what makes the cell function.


Each class member then made a model of a cell using plasticine. The pupils were asked to think about the correct size proportion. You can watch one of the young Year 7 scientists explaining a little more about his work in the short video above.


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