Year 8 Maths Place Value


Many different mathematical activities have been keeping the Year 8 students busy during the first few weeks of the autumn term at Lansdowne School. One of the main themes for the start of term has been to recognise place value. At the core of this work is being able to use the number line for the many different sums that we solve during our maths lessons.

The Year 8 pupils have a wide range of learning targets. Different table challenges are set for each group to try and achieve. Some of the pupils have been solving division sums using the bus stop method. This requires a superb understanding of the columns that each number needs to be placed in.

Other pupils have been focussing their early efforts on counting backwards. This learning involves speaking with an adult or a friend as the numbers are counted backwards.

A final activity involves the Year 8 pupils ordering a series of numbers ranging from 1 to 1,000,000. This is a challenge that requires the students to have a strong understanding of place value.


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