Year 9 Colour Compliment Work


Year 9 have been adding to their artistic knowledge by studying different colours than can complement each other. This work started off by focussing at first on just one colour. We wanted the pupils to be able recognise any subtle changes in shading or tints.


Miss Jordan explained how monochromatic works in the world of art. This is where different hues are used to create a picture that has different layers. The pupils have completed a painting using this technique.


This work then advanced to start to think about colours that compliment one another. The pupils have been learning how these are usually two different colours that are opposite one another on the colour wheel.


All class members that created a copy of a piece of original art. We asked the students to experiment with their colour mixing by gently adding in black to help with the tints and shades.


This is a technique that it is important for the Year 9 pupils to be able to master as they continue with their art progression over the remainder of the term. The next level of learning will look at colours that are close to one another. Miss Jordan will introduce the idea of ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ colours.



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