Class 11CJ Save the Rhino Assembly


Class 11CJ recently staged a very informative assembly all about World Rhino Day. As the name suggests, this is a special day coming up later in the month with the aim of raising awareness about helping to protect rhinoceros around the world.

The idea for the assembly came from the students themselves. Form tutor time was spent discussing possible ideas for a theme, and then researching the content for our assembly online.

The assembly itself featured every pupil from Class 11CJ reading out a passage that they had written. The sequence of readings told a short story about why it is so important to protect the rhinos, and what we can do to help.

The presentation skills were very confident for all students. This can be a slightly nervous experience for some of the class members. It was great to see all of the students reading so well and putting across their points.

Mrs Adams concluded the assembly by thanking Class 11CJ for their hard work in staging the presentation. It was commented that this is a very powerful message, and one that is certainly worthwhile sharing during our school assembly.


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