Head Girl and Head Boy Ceremony


All pupils at Lansdowne School recently got to witness a very proud moment in the school year: the official presentation ceremony to welcome in our new Head Girl and Head Boy. We are very pleased to introduce Lucy and Pedro from Year 11 to fill these roles. We are confident that they will set a superb example for all school students.

The awarding of the Head Girl and Head Boy badges took place during a school assembly. Mrs Adams called Lucy and Pedro to the front to receive their badges. The two students were democratically elected to fill these roles following an election that all pupils took part in.


Mrs Adams then explained the responsibilities that Lucy and Pedro now have. These involve setting an example for all pupils to follow, and to be represent the school with excellence at all times.

This workload will soon be shared. Lucy and Pedro have been asked to think about appointing some school Prefects. Other Year 11 pupils also have some very special talents. We will be thinking about how we can use these to help benefit everyone in our school community.


The special assembly then saw the awarding of the Star Class of the Week. Class 9NM proudly took possession of the trophy for the following week with a high 72% of ticks for following the school FRESH rules.

Finally the assembly came to a close with the Lansdowne Choir leading the way with a rendition of Three Little Birds.

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