New School Building Updates


We are pleased to publish another set of photos of the rapidly changing landscape of the new Lansdowne School that is being built. The construction work continues daily at a tremendous pace. The project remains on course to be completed for a grand September 2016 opening.

Since our last rooftop visit, the focus has been on the front end of the new school. The structure for the first floor for the back end is now complete. The construction schedule is now organised to bring the front end up to the same level.

The most time intensive work here is the floor and the foundations. A large amount of concrete has been poured on to the floor since out last visit. You can just about see what remains of Mr Lee’s old football pitch!

The iron framework that strengthens the floor has been the main working area over the past fortnight. Each of the iron rods are inserted one-by-one by hand. This makes sure that the new floor is as structurally strong as possible.

Our next visit on the Lansdowne roof will be in three weeks time. We look forward to updating with hopefully even more progress.

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