Year 11 Cinema Trip Thoughts


Some of the Year 11 students at Lansdowne School recently had a trip to the East Dulwich Picturehouse cinema. Our visit was organised to see a screening of the new Macbeth film.

This is a piece of text that the students have studied as part of their GCSE English entry level exam preparations in Year 10.

The pupils were impressed with both the film and the cinema. It was commented that the seats at the Picturehouse were incredibly comfortable. The large screen and sound system were impressive as well.

Year 11 were asked to recount their cinema experiences back at Lansdowne School. Guided reading time has been spent writing a piece of text to explain their thoughts about the cinema trip. Thoughts on the film were also explored in the writing.

You can listen to one of the Year 11 students explaining a little more about the cinema trip in the recording below.

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