Year 7 ICT PowerPoint Designs


The Year 7 pupils at Lansdowne School have been learning how to use Publisher as part of their continued ICT learning. This is a powerful piece of software that allows the pupils to create professional looking documents.


A recent project involved the students designing and creating a special certificate for a friend. The pupils were given a very basic template for the certificate. The task was then set to add extra detail to the certificate and to customise it for a set purpose.

The teaching staff asked the pupils to think about who their certificate might be suitable for. We could then think about the appearance and styling that we wanted to add. Examples included friendship certificates, or perhaps a certificate to recognise an achievement in class.


The students were able to change the colour scheme for the template, as well as adding in shapes such as stars to reflect the achievements. The final certificates were then printed off, ahead of a short presentation ceremony where they were handed out to our friends.



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