Consultation on Hard Federation Status


The Interim Executive Board (referred to as the Governing Body) of Lansdowne School and the Governing Body of Turney School has agreed in principle to consult on a proposal to form a hard Federation. Both Governing Bodies have explored in detail the implications of this proposal.

A hard Federation is a formal agreement for two or more schools to work together. Through this proposal, our partnership would be led and managed under the direction of a single Governing Body. However, each of the schools will retain their individual identities and have individual school budgets, as well as continuing to receive separate inspection reports.

If agreed, it is proposed that the ‘hard Federation’ arrangement between the schools begins on Thursday 17 December 2015.

You may make written representations regarding this proposal.

Comments should be sent to:

The Clerk to the Interim Executive Board, Lansdowne School, Argyll Close, London SW9 9QL or to the Clerk to the Governing Body, Turney School, Turney Road, London SE21 8LX. The deadline for receipt of consultation feedback is Monday 23 November 2015.

You can download the full consultation document as a Word file over here.

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