Lansdowne School Council Update


The Lansdowne School Council is continuing to make genuine changes around the school. Each week the elected Councillors meet with Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams to put forward ideas and suggestions that have come from their other class friends.

Some of the recent changes put in place by the School Council include the introduction of the gold praise postcards. These are awarded to pupils that receive the Star of the Week award across each curriculum subject. The gold postcards have a value of three tokens in the Lansdowne School tuck shop.

The lunchtime Dance Club is another idea from the School Council. Every lunchtime staff members Lisa and Debbie help any students enjoy the Wii dancing activities. This is becoming increasingly popular with the winter weather leading to wet play times.

A recent School Council meeting confirmed some of the end of term arrangements as we approach the Christmas period. The Councillors have suggested a school Christmas meal, a disco and the return of the incredibly popular Lansdowne’s Got Talent contest. Plans for all three of these are now being put in place.

The School Council is also starting to look ahead at some of the priorities ahead of the move to the new school building later on in the school year. Some ambitious ideas have been suggested for the school management team to consider.

A jungle gym area has been requested by the School Council. There is also plenty of interest in putting in place a Lansdowne adventure playground. These ideas will now be taken forward for the school management team to consider.

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