Y9 Dulwich Picture Gallery Preparation

Year 9 at Lansdowne School have been preparing for a trip to the nearby Dulwich Picture Gallery. Plenty of artwork is available to view, but of particular interest is the current Dulwich exhibition for the artist M.C. Escher.

The pupils have been looking at the work of Escher in great detail during our regular Lansdowne art lessons. We have seen how this is an artist that likes to represents ideas about movement within his work.

The Year 9 students started this work by using the still of a cup or a bottle to sketch. They were asked to imagine that this was moving from end of our sketch pad to the other. The pupils thought about how a cup might fall, or a bottle rotates as it moves.

Other artistic techniques that the students have been learning about were also incorporated. The use of primary and secondary colours is a key theme here. These formed the borders for our pictures, with mark making then added on top.

The movement within the centre of the pictures also needed to shown tonal shading. Year 9 are all now familiar with the tonal ladder – a system that we use to show how one colour can have many variations.

This is a work in progress with most of the pictures still be painted. The early work however is incredibly effective, as you can see from the photo gallery below.





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