Year 10 Cookie Food Tech Video

The Year 10 pupils at Lansdowne School have recently baked some delicious chocolate chip cookies during our continued food tech learning. The teaching staff encourage the students to work as independently as possible. A recipe and ingredients list is provided. It is the responsibility of the pupils to find the correct kitchen equipment, and then to work their way through the recipe.

Some of the instructions on the recipe sheet were rather detailed. The egg white and yolk needed to be separated for the mixture. The pupils were asked to think about the best technique that we could use to achieve this.

The full kitchen experience is also expected of the pupils. Once the cookie mixture was made and the cakes were in the oven, the pupils then turned their attention to washing up and tidying the food tech space.

A tasting session then followed once the cookies were ready to eat. We asked the pupils to describe the taste, and to log this in their food tech books. The full recipe was also written out, along with a labelled diagram to show the steps that we had taken to bake the cookies.

The cookies were then taken home to share amongst family and friends. We have encouraged the class members to share their school cooking experience at home, and hopefully to continue with the passion for baking.








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