Year 7 African Geography Research


Year 7 have been learning about the continent of Africa during recent geography lessons at Lansdowne School. We have found that this is such a large continent and there are many different types of environments to explore.

A recent lesson started with the pupils watching a short BBC clip about Africa. We paused the film at different stages, and asked the pupils some questions about what is taking place.

The pupils were asked to look at the changes in scenery. Some parts of Africa were green with plenty of plants and trees growing. Others appeared incredibly dry with areas of desert.

Table work for this project has involved the pupils looking at a map of Africa. The children were asked to trace this, and then label the individual countries that make up the continent.

A question sheet has also been completed by each class member. The subject matter covered topics such as the environment, African animals and the type of work that people in Africa carry out.


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