Year 10 Circuit Training Fitness Video

The Year 10 pupils at Lansdowne School have been working on improving their overall fitness levels during PE sessions. A recent activity has involved a circuit training session being set up in the school gym.


The overall aim has been to improve the various muscle groups. Each workstation had a specific role to play in working on different parts of our body. The activities included hurdling, running, skipping, step ups, sit ups, star jumps, push ups, press ups and tri dips.


The pupils kept a count of their own achievements across the different workstations. These were logged so that we could refer back to them and try and improve the scores in future lessons.


The final part of the session involved a self-evaluation. Each Year 10 student was asked to consider which activities they have done especially well in, and could they improve their performance further. These thoughts were then shared amongst the group.


Mr Lee helped the students to understand the science behind this activity. It was explained that when we exercise our hearts beats faster. We then need to take on board extra oxygen and nutrients.

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