Year 11 GCSE Art & Design Videos

The Year 11 students at Lansdowne having been giving plenty of thought towards their GCSE examination in Art and Design. A large part of the exam involves submitting a portfolio of artwork that has been created throughout the school year.

Each student has been able to make a personal choice for the particular theme that they would like to explore. The options included water, food and fantastic & strange. Each of these broad areas were then open to artistic interpretation for each class member to explore.

The examination requires the students to study a number of famous artists that have produced work around a similar theme. The pupils are asked to look at some of the techniques that the artists have used, and then consider how they could adapt these for their own work.

The GCSE art portfolios require a response to the original art that has been the inspiration. The Year 11 students have used a number of different techniques to help create this. Collages and water colours are a couple of examples.

You can watch a selection of the Year 11 students explain a little more about their early work on this project in the videos below.




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