Lansdowne Lunchtime Dance Club

The Lansdowne School lunchtime Dance Club has been continuing to entertain after the Christmas break. Staff members Lisa and Maria lead the Dance Club every lunchtime. All pupils are invited to come along.

The idea is to provide an extra choice for students during their lunch break whilst the new school is being built. Other options include the ICT lunchtime club.

Each lunchtime the Dance Club offers up a selection of Wii dance games to play. Ghostbusters, Gangnam Style and Let It Go are all current Lansdowne favourites. The pupils watch the dancers on the big screen, and then follow the moves.

This is a genuine pupil-led activity. The original idea for the Dance Club came from the School Council. Staff members Lisa and Maria very kindly stepped forward to help out. It all leads to a lively lunchtime for the pupils, as you can see from the videos below.

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