Lansdowne School Council Update


The Lansdowne School Council is keen to continue on making genuine improvements and changes around the school as we enter the spring term of 2016. This is an especially important time for the elected representatives from each class as we look forward and plan for teaching in our brilliant new school building.

The first meeting of the School Council for the new term took a little time to reflect on what has been achieved so far. Mrs Adams commented how all of the aims put forward for the Christmas period by the Council had been carried out. These included the Wear Your Own Clothes day, the school disco and the incredibly popular Lansdowne’s Got Talent end of term show.

The meeting then went on to discuss the pupil surveys. All of these have now been completed and have been returned to the school management team to consider. Feedback will then be given to the School Cllr’s about what pupils think about our school, and how we can make it an even better place to come and learn.


The Council was then updated on the progress of the construction of the new school. This remains on schedule with the workmen making some significant progress over the Christmas period. Most of the outer shell is now complete. The latest delivery saw the new windows for the school arriving on site.

The school management team has recently met with the Project Manager for the new school to discuss the interior fittings. Carpets and blinds have been chosen, as well as soft furniture that will be set up in a relaxed bistro area for the new school.


Focus then turned towards some of the aims that the School Council would like to achieve this term. The ongoing relationship with the nearby Brixton Food Bank is something that the School Council is keen to continue.

A slight re-scheduling of the school timetable is also being planned. The idea is to group together two consecutive periods of PSHE sessions. This will allow more time for teachers and students to explore the local community and gain some valuable life skills.

A suggestion was made from one Cllr to introduce fruit for pupils to eat during break times. The costings of this will now be looked at.

Finally the meeting discussed some of the arrangements for the new Lansdowne School Sixth Form – an addition to our school community that the new building will make possible. The current Year 11 Cllr’s were keen to argue the case for a separate school uniform for 6th formers. The school management team will now look into some possible designs.

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