Year 8 Racket Sports PE Video

Year 8 have been introduced to a range of racket sports during the first week of PE teaching of the new spring term. Mr Lee and his team have been helping the pupils to feel confident in some of the skills needed to play badminton, short tennis and table tennis.


This learning started off with some guidance on the technical skills needed. The pupils were shown how to hold the racket or bats correctly, and where they need to place their body weight whilst making a shot.


Two basics for each game were then demonstrated by Mr. Lee. Serving and returning are the key skills for all racket sports. There is a slight variation needed for badminton, short tennis and table tennis.


Three class groups rotated around each sport. An evaluation took place at the end of the session. The Year 8 students were asked to recap on some of the skills that they have learnt, and to suggest where they can make improvements. The next level for this learning will be to introduce forehand and backhand shots.






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