Year 9 Peer Assessment in Art


The Year 9 students at Lansdowne School have recently completed their art study inspired by some of the work of the artist M.C. Escher. The pupils were able to see some Escher originals during a visit to the nearby Dulwich Picture Gallery before the Christmas break.

Our original artwork back at Lansdowne School has involved the pupils interpreting some of the ideas of Escher to create a unique piece of work. We have been looking at movement within art, as well as different painting techniques that can help to achieve this.


With the paintings now complete, the next stage has been for self-assessment and peer assessment. Miss Jordan has explained how it is a useful skill to be able to offer an objection opinion about a piece of art created by someone else.


This exercise started off as a piece of homework. Each class member was asked to choose an artist, and then offer a short written piece about a particular painting.

This work then continued back in the Lansdowne art studio with an evaluation of a friend’s painting. A number of questions needed to be answered as part of the peer evaluation. Miss Jordan was also keen for some of the new vocabulary to also be used. Examples included words such as muted, blending, compliment and harmonious.

Year 9 will soon start a new art topic looking at perspectives in paintings.






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