Year 10 Self Portraits Photo Gallery


The Year 10 students at Lansdowne School have been working on a series of self-portraits as part of their art learning. Frida Khalo has been the main inspiration for this work. The pupils have been researching how the Mexican painter was able to add objects into her portraits to add a unique personal touch.


All of the Year 10 students were asked to bring in a series of objects or personal items from home that contained a special memory for them. Examples included childhood toys, instruments and even favourite perfume. Each pupil then posed for a photograph, with their special memory items forming part of the background.


These photos were then used as a guide to paint the self-portraits. A grid system was used to help transfer the smaller photograph onto a larger canvas for the painting. This helped the students to keep the features on their face into perspective.


Miss Jordan then asked each pupil to think about the different skin tones that we could see. Our knowledge of how to mix colours to create different tones was used within our portraits.


The final outcome was a highly unique selection of self-portraits that helped to convey the individual personalities of each class member. We are happy to share some of portraits in the gallery below.





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