Year 8 Tudor Research History Video

Year 8 are coming towards the close of a major history topic as part of their humanities learning. The pupils have been learning all about the Tudor period in England, starting from Henry VII, and finishing with the reign of Elizabeth I.

The reign of Queen Elizabeth I is a period that the pupils have looked at in great detail. We have seen that she was on the throne for a long period, and was responsible for bringing about many changes in the country.


Our learning in Year 8 has focussed on some of the problems that the Queen had to overcome. These have been placed into four broad categories: religion, starvation, marriage and her relationship with Mary, Queen of Scots.

The students have seen how Elizabeth I was able to find a solution for each of these problems, leading to her becoming a very powerful Queen. Each class member has been matching up a short passage of text with a heading. The pupils have been asked to explain their reasoning, and to talk about the solutions that Elizabeth I found.


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