Year 9 Maths Activities


The Year 9 pupils have been working on different learning objectives during maths lessons. Each class member has a specific learning aim set by the teaching staff, depending on their abilities and expectations.

One group started a recent session with a mental maths warm-up game. The pupils were asked to count in increments of two from zero up to 50. Help was given, with teaching staff reminding the pupils that each number should end in a unit of either 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8.


The next activity was to work on some addition sums. The aim was to find different ways of making the same number.The technique to help solve these sums has been very visual. Groups of dots are drawn, with the pupils encouraged to count the dots.

Another Year 9 group has been working on column subtraction. The emphasis here has been to understand how much each column was worth. Each group member was asked to explain the process and talk through the calculations amongst other class friends.

A final Year 9 maths activity involved ordering decimals up to four decimal points. Six different decimal numbers were given. The challenge was to sort these from the lowest to the highest number. Column were used once again so that the students could compare the size of each unit.

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