Lansdowne School Council Updates


The Lansdowne School Council continues to come up with many great ideas during the weekly meetings with the school management team. Each class has a couple of elected Cllr’s. Their role is to pass forward ideas from their class friends for the school management to then consider.

A recent School Council meeting involved a round table discussion where a variety of new ideas were put forward. One of the Cllr’s asked about the possibility of a dedicated music studio in the new school building. Mrs Adams explained that a music teaching room will be available.

A couple of Cllr’s suggested some slight improvements to the school lunchtime menu. It was felt that the current menu might be in need of a slight refresh. There was a very specific request for strawberry cheesecake to be added!

A warmly received idea from another Cllr was for a Wear Your Own Clothes day for the final day of teaching ahead of the half term break. It will soon be the birthday of Bubba, our incredibly popular school dog. The suggestion was made that we could raise money for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home through the Wear Your Own Clothes day.

A very practical suggestion was for first aid tuition to be added to the school curriculum. Mrs Adams thought that this was a fantastic idea and agreed to look into the practicalities of this.

A final School Council request was for the tuck shop to include some fruit on the menu. All of these ideas will now be discussed by the school management team.

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