Year 11 Diwali Drama Videos

Year 11 have been looking at how different cultures might celebrate special events as part of their English and drama learning for the spring term. We have looked at occasions such as weddings and religious festivals, and then compared how different cultures celebrate these occasions.

A recent drama session involved the Year 11 pupils looking in detail at Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. The students found out that this is a time to celebrate lightness during the darkest period of the year.

A sample script was prepared by Mr. Jukes. The scene involved a Hindu and a non-Hindu friend meeting at a bus stop. The conversation develops to explore some of the ways in which Hindus might celebrate Diwali.

Two pairs from Year 11 practised the script. There were some unfamiliar words that the pupils had to feel confident in reading out. Both pairs then presented their drama work at the close of the session.

The study of different ways of celebrating links in with the recent Year 11 assembly on tolerance. The main message from the assembly was to respect other people, and to try and understand a little more about their culture.

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