Class 10JH Stir Fry Food Tech Session


Class 10JH recently had a highly successful food tech session that involved using many of the kitchen skills that the pupils have been learning this year. On the menu was a tasty chicken stir fry.


One of the main themes for food tech at Lansdowne School is to recognise and feel confident in cooking a healthy meal. Chicken stir fry is the perfect example, containing protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. The pupils are encouraged to carry on with their practical work in the home environment.


Mr. Evans started the session by having an open conversation with the students about some of the safety issues that we needed to be aware of. The food preparation ahead was going to involve plenty of chopping and dicing. Mr. Evans asked the pupils for some tips to help make this a safe session.


The first practical work involved chopping and dicing the vegetables. These included peppers, carrots, onions, mushrooms and garlic. Each vegetable required a slightly different chopping technique.


The chicken was then diced into small pieces, and then cooked on a low heat. Once it had started to brown, the vegetables were then added. The final task involved cooking some rice noodles.


The Year 10 pupils are expected to work independently during these sessions. Each group manages their own work space as they go along. This involves washing up and being in control of the cooking environment.

Mr. Evans and his team asked many questions throughout the learning. The pupils were asked to identify which ingredients are nutritious, and how these will help to keep our bodies healthy.


The Class 10JH food tech session concluded with a reflections writing session. Each pupil is asked to describe the work they have just completed, identify the techniques that have been used, and then to suggest how they could improve their skills for future sessions.







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