Year 10 Maths GCSE Preparation


The Year 10 students at Lansdowne School have been continuing with their regular maths work in preparation for the exams that some of the pupils will be taking when they reach Year 11.

The Entry Level certificates have already been completed by some of the pupils. The work has now started to help the students with either their Functional Skills assessment, or GCSE maths examination that will follow next year.

Mr. Hilton and his maths teams have a well-planned structure for daily lessons. Each session has a separate theme; counting, calculating, problem solving and mental maths are the current main learning objectives.

A carousel of learning activities is set up for each theme. The Year 10 pupils are then able to access the suitable learning level that best suits their own needs and objectives.

A recent session involved some of the students working on number patterns and sequences. A selection of numbers was displayed in each question. The challenge was to look for the pattern, and then to complete the remainder of the sequence.

Mr. Hilton helped out the pupils with a structured approach to the problem solving. If a pattern wasn’t obvious to see, then the pupils were then asked to look at the difference between each number.

Other pupils in the group have been working on counting in different multiples. The aim here is to recognise digits from 1 to 10. This learning involved matching a number with the correct number of objects.




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