Year 7 Start New Geography Topic


The Year 7 pupils have started a new geography topic looking at the vast continent of Asia. This learning has been introduced by looking at some of the defining features that we can see across the continent. These include the Great Wall of China, rainforests and snowy mountains. The pupils have seen how different environments can exist within the same continent.

Some of our early table work for this topic has involved the pupils carrying out a True or False exercise. A passage of text containing facts about Asia was read by the pupils. A second sheet required them to use this knowledge to state some facts about the continent.

Other pupils have been understanding a little more about the different environments by matching up some picture cards. Each image shows some of the different landscapes that can be found in Asia. The task here has been to sort the cards together into similar groups.

This research will lead towards a large scale poster being produced by each pupil. All of the knowledge that we have learnt throughout the term will be displayed on the class posters.

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