Year 9 Science Circulatory Topic


Year 9 have progressed with their science biology learning to now look at the human circulation system. The pupils are already familiar with the digestive and respiratory systems. We are now making the connection as to how the circulation system fits into the human body.


Three main areas of interest have been researched: veins, arteries and capillaries. The pupils have been learning about the specific role that each of these play in our circulation system, and how they may differ from one another.


A fact sheet has been produced by each pupil. We have talked in class about the importance of producing a clear and neat diagram whenever we are trying to explain an idea as part of our science learning.


The next stage for this topic will be for the pupils to look in close detail at some blood cells. Slides of these will be observed under the school microscopes. The pupils will be asked to draw and label diagrams of the different blood cells and explain what they can see.

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