Year 10 Guitar Tuition


The Year 10 students have been introduced to the acoustic guitar during recent music lessons at Lansdowne School. This learning started off with making sure that each class member felt comfortable holding the instrument.


Some sound experimentation then took place. The pupils were asked to move their fingers along each string, and then listen out to see how the musical pitch changes. The use of the guitar frets was also explained by Miss H and her team.


This work then led to some simple chords being shown. A whiteboard showing the strings was used for this exercise. The students were asked to match up this information with the guitar in front of them.


This tuition is working towards each class member being able to play Three Little Birds. This is a song that we are all familiar with as part of our weekly Singing and Signing assemblies.


Once the technical side of matching out fingers on the right frets was mastered, the pupils were then asked to think about the rhythm of their playing, and how this matches up with the song.


The Year 10 students will continue to practise their guitar work for the remainder of the spring term. The teaching staff will be helping the pupils to be able to memorise the chords without any visual aid.

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