Year 11 Art Exam Preparation


The Year 11 students at Lansdowne School are preparing for some of the exams that they will sitting after the Easter break. All of the pupils will be involved in some form of formal art assessment. Some of the students will be taking GCSE Art exams, whilst others are working towards their Entry Level certificate.

Plenty of coursework has already been produced ahead of the exams. For the GCSE pupils this means putting together a comprehensive portfolio of ideas based around their choice of subject matter from the given list.

The students then take a 10 hour art exam broken down into three sessions. The portfolio of coursework is allowed to be referenced as a stimulus to create another unique piece of art during the exam situation.

These final weeks have been spent putting the finishing touches to the GCSE coursework portfolios. Some of the subject matters covered include Landmarks, Clothing and Wish You Were Here.


The Entry Level students have been studying the work of Andy Warhol and pop art as part of their preparation. We have seen how mass produced advertising or branded material can then be re-purposed as a piece of art.

The pupils have produced a series of work based around chocolate wrappers. Pictures have been created using half of the original chocolate wrapping, and then a painted piece to match. This work has then led towards a cardboard relief sculpture being created.


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