Lansdowne School Singing and Signing Assembly


The regular Friday morning Singing and Signing assembly at Lansdowne School remains one of the highlights of the week. The School Choir is building up a considerable repertoire of songs. These are all shared with the other pupils from around the school. Choices are made available as to what songs to sing each week.

Let It Go, Three Little Birds and Tomorrow from the musical Annie were the three choices for a recent assembly. Miss H invited volunteers form the choir to the front of the assembly to lead with the singing and the signing.

As well as celebrating our love of music, these weekly assemblies also recognise some of the work achievements that have been made over the past week. Mr Hilton asked for each Star Pupil across the various curriculum areas to come to the front to receive their certificates.

An extra category was added for this week: the Star Pupil for Homework achievements. Mr Hilton asked the assembly why it is important that all students regularly complete their homework. One pupil explained that continuing our learning at home helps to remind us of what we have learnt at school.

The prestigious Class of the Week trophy was then handed out. This is presented to the class who achieve the highest number of ticks throughout the week. Class 10JH were rewarded with the trophy.

Finally Mr Hilton took the opportunity to remind all pupils of the Lansdowne School FRESH rules. These are the key rules that we all follow to help take our community of learners a safe place in which to learn.

F is for follow instructions

R is right place, right time

E is for everybody deserves respect

S is for speak politely

H is for hands and feet to yourself.

Mr Hilton spoke of how everybody deserves respect is perhaps the key FRESH rule here. The students were asked to consider how we can make sure this keeps on taking place around our school.





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