Year 7 Learn About Different Types of Asian Food


The Year 7 pupils at Lansdowne have been continuing their humanities topic looking in great detail at the vast continent of Asia. A recent focus has been to look at some of the types of food that is eaten on the continent.

We have seen from our previous map work that the sheer size of the continent means that many different countries and cultures are included as part of Asia. This pupils have been learning how this means that there is a great variety in the types of food that are eaten.

A recent Year 7 humanities sessions started with a series of short videos being watched, each one showing a different type of Asian food. We saw sushi from Japan, curry from India and traditional Chinese food.

The class members were asked questions whilst watching the videos. The teaching staff wanted to know if the pupils had sampled these foods, and then to offer a description as to how they taste.

All pupils then completed a worksheet based on this new knowledge. Different Asian food dishes were displayed as pictures. The task was to cut out a map of the continent, and then match up each dish with the correct country.


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